Baby Trend Stroller Reivews

When it is time for you to purchase a new stroller or a stroller for the first time, you want to make sure that you purchase a stroller that is going to last a long time. No one wants to purchase a stroller that is only going to last a few months. The Baby Trend stroller brand is well known and for good reasons. They stand out against others in almost every aspect and offer you versatility that makes them one of the best brands of strollers.

Baby Trend Sit & Stand Stroller LX Skylar

The versatility of the Baby Trend sit and stand stroller will allow your younger child to sit in the front of the stroller while the older is able to sit in the back or stand. The stroller is going to be able to adapt to hold a car seat of just about any manufacturer. The parent organizer helps to keep your personal possessions safe while walking your children. The swing away tray with the cup holder makes it easy for your child to get in and out of the stroller when they get older. A five point harness is used to keep children safe so when you walk on nearly every type of terrain, they can remain in an upright position. If you are worried that there will be no place to store diaper bags, the basket on the bottom of the stroller can hold not only one diaper bag but two. The foot activated brake is perfect for making sure that your stroller does not move and the compact fold is great for storage and traveling. Both seats of the stroller can hold children up to 40 pounds or 2 ½ years old.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

When you have children, the time for working out is very limited and even more limited to take time out for yourself in order to get back into shape once you have had your newest baby. For most new mothers and fathers, they turn to double strollers to hold both children so when one parent is missing, they can still push both children. The Baby Trend Expedition double jogger stroller will allow you to regain your shape easily. Both children can be secure inside of the double stroller with the 5 point harness and adjustable canopy. The parent tray allows you to have a bottle of water and a place to store your car keys while on your jog. The multi position recline lets them be comfortable when out on a jog and the extra-large storage basket is perfect for storing blankets, bottles and diapers. The stroller is lightweight and can hold children from 6 months up to 42 inches or 50 pounds.

Baby Trend Jogger Travel System

One of the top rated travel systems on the market is the Baby Trend Jogger travel system. It will feature the infant care seat that comes with the locking base and offers a lockable front wheel that will swivel on a dime. If you are going to be walking at a slower pace, the unlock option for the wheel makes walking simpler. The convenient parent tray works to hold your house keys, car keys and even cell phone. The two cup holders work to keep not only the parents happy but also the infant/toddler when being walked or jogged. The adjustable canopy is great for protecting your baby or toddler and the easy trigger for folding and unfolding the travel system is going to make storing the stroller easier than ever before. You can use this travel system from the birth of your baby to the toddler stage or up to 42 inches or 50 pounds. The car seat can hold a baby from 5 pounds to 22 pounds and then up to about 29 inches.

No matter if you look for a stroller that is versatile or a stroller that offers bold and exciting colors, the Baby Trend stroller company is going to have everything that you need in a stroller which is why they are amongst the best on the market when it comes to baby strollers no matter if it’s a double, jogger or single stroller.