Combi Stroller Reviews

Combi Stroller Reviews – Are Combi Strollers Worth Your Money?

Just like any stroller brand, you are bound to find parents who’ve given both good and bad reviews of Combi strollers. Knowing how to tell the difference between poor craftsmanship and poor buyer selection becomes crucial at this point. That being said, many of the problems that people have when they’re unhappy is because they’ve simply selected the wrong stroller model for their needs.

Don’t get confused when trying to decide if a Combi stroller is right for you. Read this instead!

Are Combi Strollers Durable?

Most Combi strollers are considered very durable. A few select models have had some durability complaints, but these are far and few between. There aren’t enough complaints to raise a real concern about craftsmanship. Instead, you should carefully question why the durability issues arose. Maybe the stroller was pushed beyond its intended purpose. Maybe the buyer opted for a used stroller instead of a new one. You never really know the full story and since Combi has some pretty great reviews in the way of durability, it seems that they definitely deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Are Combi Strollers Okay for Rough Terrain?

No, Combi strollers are not designed for rough terrain (this might explain some of the durability issues). Combi strollers are considered umbrella strollers, meaning that they are designed for everyday use on smooth terrain like grocery stores or malls and sidewalks or streets. They are not designed for nature trails or rocky surfaces. If you need an all-terrain stroller, you should look into all-terrain models. Just remember, you are going to pay a pretty big price for an all-terrain. Consider whether or not you will really use the stroller for purposes other than shopping or going for light walks before you invest the money in another stroller brand.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Buying a Combi Stroller?

To be honest, not many, as long as you only use the stroller for what it was designed for. Most of the issues that parents face with Combi strollers can be easily overcome. For the most part, parents have mostly positive things to say about the Combi stroller, like the Combi Flare and the Combi Cosmo. They love how easy they are to maneuver, how easy it is to carry and fold, the added accessories that are often left out on similarly priced strollers and the style.

If you have encountered some negative feedback about the Combi stroller, take a real, honest look at all of the reviews – not just the negative. If you are like most parents, you will like what you find.