Double Stroller Reviews

Double Strollers Reviews

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to manage two kids while you are out and about except trying to handle two kids with the wrong double stroller – or worse, no double stroller. Whether you have twins or are expecting a second child, double strollers can make life with two little ones a lot easier – as long as you know what to look for.

Car Seat Adaptability

Car seat adaptability may not seem important but when you have a toddler and a sleeping newborn or two sleeping newborns, it can break your heart and even become frustrating to not have this feature. A car seat adapter allows you to quickly and easily snap your sleeping baby into their stroller, making your errands and outings immeasurably simpler.


A lot of double strollers are heavy. Some are so heavy that you may become more frustrated with the stroller than you are the idea of trying to manage two little ones without it. At the cost of most double strollers, this is not only a waste of your time; it is also a waste of your money. Keep in mind that all double strollers will be heavier than a single but there are some models that are lighter than others. This will make moving the stroller in and out of the car much easier. It will also make pushing the stroller a little less of a workout.

Storage Capacity

When you have two kids, you normally have twice the stuff. Diaper bags, diapers, toys and then your own personal belongings and anything you add along the way can make small storage areas a huge source of frustration. Keep in mind, you can always add more storage through accessories but you should at least have a decent amount of storage to start off with.


Carrying the weight of two children means twice the load on things like fabric, wheels and chassis. Make sure that you don’t skimp on the quality. Otherwise, you will find that your stroller quickly wears down, facilitating the need for a new one. In the end, you save more money by going with quality the first time around.

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