Jogging Stroller Reviews

Jogging Strollers Reviews

Jogging strollers are some of the most popular stroller models, especially for fitness conscious parents, particularly mothers, who are trying to lose weight from a recent pregnancy. Jogger strollers have grown dramatically over the years in popularity.  To find out which type of jogging stroller is best investment for you, or if you may be better off with a different type of baby stroller, read over this in-depth analysis of the jogging stroller.

The Difference Between a Jogging Stroller and a Walking Stroller

Jogging strollers – real strollers for joggers – are designed for speed, stability and shock absorption. Full-on jogger strollers are constructed with three wheels, not four. The absence of that fourth wheel is what enables the stroller to move at a faster pace without wobbling, tilting or falling over. The result is a smoother, straighter jogging experience.

Choose From One Of These Quality Jogging Strollers

Other safety features are also incorporated into jogging strollers. This reduces the risk to your baby while riding and to you while jogging. Some of the safety features include a deeper child seat, adjustable five point harness and a safety wrist strap.

What to Look for in a Jogging Stroller

At minimum, a jogging stroller should have a sturdy, welded frame. The third wheel should be fixed to prevent any veering or tipping while jogging. Some consideration should also be given to the texture of the third tire. If you plan on running on smooth surfaces or pavement, you will need a smooth front tire. If you are going to be jogging off-road, a textured tire will be needed. No matter which front tire texture you choose, the front wheel needs to be either 16 or 20 inches in circumference.

A sun canopy should be provided to protect your baby from the elements. A hand brake and a rear brake should also be included for safety and your jogging stroller should at least meet, if not exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials safety standards.

Shock absorption may also be a necessary item, if you plan on jogging off-road or on bumpy surfaces. A pocket of some sort or a storage basket should also be present to keep your personal items so that they are not bouncing around with your child while jogging.

Additional luxury features will cost you more money, however, for some parents, they are worth the extra expense. These features include things like an aluminum alloy frame, a padded seat for your baby, adjustable shock absorbers, an all-weather cover or a large footplate.

Is a Jogging Stroller The Right Choice For Your Needs?

Not every parent needs a high quality jogging stroller – which will cost you at least $250. Some parents that do more light jogging or power walking might find it more affordable to choose a slightly lower-quality jogging stroller. Lower quality models should still have all of the safety features, but their materials are not usually as sturdy as a higher end model. Examples include tube-fitted frames and plastic alloys instead of metal.

What You Should Be Aware of Before You Buy

Cost is a big disadvantage for some consumers when it comes to investing in a jogging stroller. Also, some models are more difficult to handle than a traditional stroller while doing certain tasks like shopping or simply strolling. The stationary front wheel is responsible for the lack of handling, but it is a safety feature that is necessary for the safety of your child while jogging.

Many parents who purchase jogging strollers also opt for a second stroller that can be transported and handled with ease while out and about with their baby. Their jogging stroller is reserved for their daily jog only, which is exactly what a jogging stroller is designed for. This may be more of an initial expense, however, it will also extend the life of both strollers, while also providing the best possible user experience for both the parents and for your child.

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