Phil and Teds Double Strollers

Phil and Teds Double Stroller For Twins


The Phil and Teds Double Stroller For Twins is just one of the models you can get from this company online. They provide a variety of toddler strollers with double kits, but this particular review is about the double stroller in which you do not need a kit. It is the V2 model, which can support a child up to 44 pounds.

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Some of the options with Phil and Teds Double Strollers are the ratchet style handles. You can determine the height of the handle in the event you are tall or short. If you and your spouse are of different heights, which is quite common, the adjustable handle makes it more comfortable for the both of you to use the stroller.

Another benefit of the Phil and Teds Double Stroller is the Velcro adjustable strap for the seat belt and the zipper recline option.  Both seats will recline in the event that your child needs a comfortable nap while in the stroller. You simply unzip the seats to lower them.

The front bar for the first child is also easy to remove to get your child seated without trouble. The main seat will actually hold a child up to 55 pounds due to the construction of the frame on the stroller.

One major advantage of Phil and Teds Double Strollers is the steering. It is very easy to get the stroller headed in the right direction with little effort. Part of this steering is due to the three wheel construction. You have 3 rubber wheels requiring air rather than 4.

The brakes are on the back of the stroller to make it convenient for parents. You do not want to use sandals to disengage the brake though because it is a little tough to do without having shoes on.