Phil And Teds Pram

Phil and Teds Pram Review

Note: This model is no longer available. Please consider one of the other fine Phil and Teds models shown below.

Phil and Ted’s Pram is a higher end model at over $500 for a single stroller; however, the pros and cons will explain why you might want to consider getting this stroller for your child. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits.

The brake system provides you with one brake for both wheels, which means you will not accidentally unlock it.  Phil and Teds Pram also has a good canopy for your child.  The canopy has built in wires along with a hook and button to keep it in place, so that you do not have to worry about your child getting too much sun.  It also allows them to sleep peacefully when needed.

Phil and Teds Pram has an adjustable seat with four positions. It can be fully reclined during sleep or completely upright for better views. The seat construction also gives a larger area for storage underneath.  The storage will fit most of what you might need.

One of the most important aspects of toddler strollers are the wheels. Phil and Teds Pram has 12 inch wheels with rubber. They are air filled unlike other strollers that have plastic tires. It provides a more comfortable ride, but more than that you can go on dirt roads and other rougher patches without disturbing your child too much.

The Phil and Ted’s Pram has a durable construction with safe locking mechanisms when it is folded out.  It will also be easy to store with its functionality.  Its size makes it possible to place the stroller in small trunks or closet space, which is always a nice feature with toddler strollers.

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The handle bar on Phil and Teds Pram is thick with rubber to make it as comfortable as possible. The entire stroller is made with durable fabric throughout to ensure it holds up to several years of use, even for children up to 55 pounds in the regular seat.