Phil And Teds Stroller Reviews

Phil and Ted’s Stroller Reviews

 You may be familiar with the popularity of a Phil and Teds stroller, but did you know that they are about to release several more models?  The new additions will be debuted as the Hammerhead, Smart and Sub 4 models.  We would like to give you a little advance peek at these great new toddler strollers.  All of the new Phil and Ted’s stroller line will be suitable for newborns, toddlers, a newborn and toddler or two toddlers.  One of the best selling points of these strollers is their versatility.

Let’s start with the Hammerhead stroller and what makes it special.  They have designed this stroller for newborns and children up to five years old.  There are lockable swivel wheels on the front of the stroller. This means that you can have a good turning radius as well as a super ride going in a straight line.  Your child can lie flat for napping or sit in an upright position for adventuring.  This Phil and Teds stroller folds up very compactly for storing in the car or at home.  With the intelligent handle you can apply the brakes or fold the stroller quickly.

The new Smart Phil and Teds stroller comes in three styles and is very lightweight.  You can purchase one that is an umbrella design, one that looks like a traditional pram or a high tech baby seat on wheels.  They have used airless tires with a rear wheel suspension system for an ultra smooth ride.

The Sub4 stroller has three huge wheels that make it ideal for someone that needs a bit of speed in a Phil and Teds stroller.  There is plenty of room for the parents’ feet behind the stroller so that you won’t be inclined to run into the wheels at a faster pace.  All of the baby strollers and toddler strollers from this company are designed with safety and durability.