Travel System Stroller Reviews

Travel System Strollers Reviews

Travel system strollers are very popular among parents of newborns. This is partly because the car seat plus stroller all-in-one option seems to be the easiest and most affordable method for transporting baby. While this is true, for the most part, and there are definitely many benefits to a travel system stroller, there are a few disadvantages that parents should be aware of as well.

What Exactly is a Travel System Stroller?

Before you can accurately determine if a travel system stroller is right for you, you must know exactly what they are. Travel system strollers are any stroller in which the car seat hooks into the stroller. Most are sold as a carseat and stroller all-in-one. There are, however, strollers that are sold as travel system strollers because they allow for carseat adaptation with specific carseat brands.

Types of Travel System Strollers

Travel system strollers are not one-size-fits-all. There are travel systems designed for jogging, travel systems for single children, travel systems for multiples and light use travel system strollers. Before you purchase a travel system, carefully consider what you plan on using it for. Make sure you purchase the right travel system for your needs. Some travel systems, like jogging travel systems, are specially designed to keep infants safe while jogging and the use of a different travel system could have potentially dangerous consequences.

Advantages of Travel Systems Strollers

One of the biggest advantages to travel systems strollers is how much easier they make transporting your baby. If you have ever tried to move a sleeping infant from your carseat to stroller, you know how valuable this is!

Another advantage has to do with the added security parents get from travel systems. Strollers, while great for older infants and toddlers, don’t always seem to keep the newborn secured. The infant’s head flops over or the entire baby moves off to the side in a full-sized stroller. Because the carseat is designed to cradle your baby and your baby is kept at just the right angle, you’ll feel that your child is more secure.

Disadvantages of Travel Systems

Travel systems aren’t the answer to every parent’s prayers. Some parents become very frustrated that, while the carseat is designed to standards, the stroller seems to be lacking in durability. This is often the result of purchasing a cheaply made, lower costing travel system. Other complaints are the difficulty that some parents have in folding their travel system strollers. In most cases, this problem is only found in travel systems that are simply compatible with strollers – not travel systems that are sold as a set.

Cost is yet another issue that some parents complain about. If, however, you look at the cost of a high quality stroller and a high quality car seat, you will often find that the cost of the travel system as a whole set is less than the cost of buying the items separately.

Is a Travel System Right for You?

Many parents have found travel systems to be a wise purchase. While there are some minor disadvantages, the convenience that the travel system can add to your life far outweighs them. Just be sure that, if you are going to purchase a travel system, you buy one that is constructed for longevity so that you can enjoy the full benefits of having two pieces of equipment in one.

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