Umbrella Stroller Reviews

Umbrella Strollers Reviews

Umbrella strollers are very popular among most parents. They are often described as the “most reliable” stroller, and that’s for good reason. Like most other strollers, this highly popular model does has a few disadvantages that could impact your buying decision. If you’ve been thinking of buying an umbrella stroller for your baby, read this umbrella stroller review first!

What is an Umbrella Stroller Used For?

Umbrella strollers are constructed quite differently than most other strollers. While they do still offer you an easy method of transporting your baby or toddler, they don’t come with many of the creative comforts that full sized models have. This has both advantages and disadvantages.

Using an umbrella stroller will require you to give up a lot of extra features included with a regular stroller that you may enjoy. Some of the most common exclusions include storage baskets, child trays, extra seat padding, five point harness, adjustable head rests and parent trays, just to name a few. While some of these features are offered on certain umbrella stroller models, they are not considered to be standard features.

However, the absence of these particular features can also provide you with many benefits that most parents may fail to recognize if they aren’t willing to do their research. Benefits to consider include lightweight construction, better portability, compact storage and lower cost. These are benefits that most any parent should appreciate.

Effectively Curbing the Disadvantages

There are methods that you can easily use to get around the excluded features of the more popular umbrella strollers. One of the most common ways is to only use your umbrella stroller for shorter walks or shopping. This will provide you with the most important benefits that umbrella strollers have to offer, when you need them the most.

Of course, this will mean that you’ll need to buy an additional stroller, which can be a little disappointing if your intentions were to save money. However, in most cases, the ease of use that you’ll find by using your umbrella stroller will more than pay for the additional investment.

Dangers of Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are NOT meant to be used for all purposes or all children. Serious safety hazards may be present if you are not aware of the potential dangers. The biggest hazard is attempting to use an umbrella stroller with a newborn baby. Young infants are NOT able to support their head yet. Since most umbrella strollers aren’t built to fully recline, this could potentially present a suffocation hazard. Warning: Infants should never be allowed to sit in an umbrella stroller until they are able to hold their head up on their own.

You should also avoid jogging with this type of baby stroller unless you purchase an umbrella stroller that is specifically designed for jogging. Additional safety features have been added into jogging strollers in order to protect your baby at higher speeds and greater impact. These features aren’t luxury items. They are an absolute necessity. While you may have to pay more for jogging umbrella strollers, it’s important for you to keep in mind that there is no amount of money you may save on a less expensive model that is worth the safety of your child.

Bottom line – umbrella strollers are very handy to have around, even if you have them sitting in the closet for a spare when you need it. For example, if a friend comes by and you suddenly decide to go for a walk or you choose to leave your large stroller in the car and walk instead, etc. You get the idea. Just be sure to follow the safety precautions recommended by the manufacturer and determine whether an umbrella stroller can serve as your only stroller or if you’ll need to pick up a second model as well.